Once again it’s poker night! This time Derrick brings some new friends to the game but they are still up to their old tricks. Lexi’s best friend Vanessa is no rookie to playing poker and puts everything on the line early to win it all. Lexi joins the game late and has a tough decision to make since she lost everything the last time. Does she fold as the stakes get raised higher and higher or does she sacrifice it all to take home the jackpot! Stay tuned to find out.


Mayor White is back and his honor is up to his old tricks! With his ever increasing lust for black women he’ll do whatever it takes to satisfy his craving. Watch the master of negotiation use the power of persuasion to strike a deal with Tanya the city council woman and Tamika the Black Lives Matter leader!


Hollywood bad boy Justin Striker has just been nominated for best actor and the odds are in his favor that he will finally take home the grand prize. Now all he needs is to find a date to accompany him on the red carpet. Since he’s dated every white female starlet you can think of he decides to shock the world and go with new pro black actress Sasha Fox. Fox who hates white men knows the publicity would catapult her career. Watch the conflict unfold as she tries to stay true to herself while he shows her exactly how he became Hollywood’s official bad boy!


When 4 milfs decide to take a painting class for a little female bonding the last thing they expected was to be up close and personal with the male model’s BBC! Watch these ladies get pushed pass their sexual limits as they indulge in the ultimate sexual taboo.


When Mandy finds out the biggest nerd in school has the biggest cock in school she can’t wait to tell her classmates. Only problem is her teacher Mrs. Smith overhears her story and now she wants to see it too. Watch how it unfolds as Mrs. Smith finds herself all alone in detention with the school nerd who has an anaconda trapped in his pants.


Ted was fresh out of jail with no money and no pussy. His luck changes when he answers an ad for a job which solved both his problems. Dress up as a teddy bear and perform at little kids parties. Little did he know the kid’s mothers would need him to perform for them in a different way.


Heather’s a shy but curious school girl who goes out with her new black friend Jamal and gets introduced to his BBC. Things take a slight turn on their second date when he brings his friends to join in. At that moment Heather realizes she just can’t say no to black men with big cocks and soon enough the entire neighborhood will know too.


Shakesha was a struggling inner city student who would become the first in her family to go to college. All was going well until she didn’t pass her final exam. Desperate her teacher Mr. White makes her an offer he can’t refuse. Little did she know her other teacher Mr. Smith was ready and waiting to get in on the action as well. It turned out to be one extra credit assignment Shakesha would never forget.


Call girl Ms. Kitty thinks she’ll make some quick money when she meets her small statured client Cheng. She will be in for a huge surprise when she realizes his stamina is that of a sex god. Or is it?


Our favorite family is back on the hunt for the biggest and badest BBC around! After a wild night the girls are out and about looking for new BBC to get into. Kris, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are stirring up the pot until little sisters Kendall and Kylie show them how to really spice things up!


Back on our favorite college campus. The brothers are out partying and he is home alone. Rather then be bored he calls over her for some pussy and she brings a friend. While the orgy is going on the brothers come home to find 2 white sluts who are more than willing to continue the fraternity and sorority bonding.


Tracy and Bobby are having marriage troubles so they turn to counseling to help them. Marriage and communications expert Dr. Hartley is one of the best in the business and uses hypnosis to cure her client’s issues. However what the Jackson’s don’t know is Dr. Hartley has a craving for BBC and she’ll use her professional experience to get what she wants.


Our favorite Chinese delivery guy is back and Chew’s doing everything he can to keep his customers happy. The first delivery of the day takes him into the BBW world where it takes everything in him to satisfy his customer. Next Chew makes a quick trip to a sorority house to deliver orders for not one but two co-eds. Always up for a challenge Chew aims to do everything in his power and his penis to avoid bad reviews.


Dexter’s mini camera has arrived. Now he needs a place to put it so he can test it out. He finally decides to put the camera in his parent’s bedroom to see what they are up to. The shocking truth is revealed when he reviews the tape! Tune and watch this episode unfold and see if you are as shocked as Dexter is!


Mrs. White is at it again. First she slept with her daughter’s big dick black boyfriend. Now she’s met a new chocolate friend at the grocery store. What starts out as a simple grocery delivery turns into Mrs. White making her own delivery!


The girls of Delta Sigma are the elite sorority of State University. However when they are forced to do a service project with the notorious troublesome all black fraternity of Omega Pi Omega, let’s just say the only form of higher education getting studied is human anatomy!


The girls of Delta Sigma are the elite sorority of State University. However when they are forced to do a service project with the notorious troublesome all black fraternity of Omega Pi Omega, let’s just say the only form of higher education getting studied is human anatomy!


After a night out on the town, newlyweds Amy and Jacob come to put a climax on their evening. What they didn’t expect was an unexpected house guest waiting in the shadows. Watch how it all unfolds as Amy has her sexual fantasies fulfilled to the hilt by a complete stranger.


When Jabari meets a busty blonde cougar online he has an idea to let his friend Brad secretly film their sex session. Brad hides in the closet and captures all the hot steamy action but can’t quite see the woman’s face. Finally the blonde is revealed to be someone that Brad knows all too well!  Guess who?


Meet Lester and Barry. Two old guys who have taken an oath to serve and protect the students and staff at State University. Their nose for mischief however has gotten them  up close and personal with some female coeds. Stay tuned as the introduce Debra and Becky to their long arm of the law!


Sibling rivalry is one thing but having to compete with your own mother is ludacris! Mrs. White wanted to become more involved in her teenage children's lives but instead began to fulfill her own fantasies. From helping her daughter's boyfriend with a BIG problem to a tutoring session with her son's best friend going awry. Mrs. White finds herself getting caught up by her children in the most precarious situations.


A regular poker game with the fellas goes for broke when Herbie must run to the store during the middle of the game. Luckily sexy housewife Lexi decides to fill in for her husband as the game begins to take an interesting twist. Sexual stakes are raised to the hilt as the game becomes more than just about money. Find out who the big winner is as everybody goes all in!


Hot sexy housewife! Not quite. Mrs. Jacobs is just an ordinary house-wife with a husband and kids. Mrs. Jacob’s main goal in life to keep her family healthy and happy. However when adversity threatens her family’s well being Mrs. Jacobs is not afraid to do whatever it takes to fix the problem!


Champagne, caviar, shopping sprees, charter jets! Welcome to the world of the KarASSians. A family full of Persians beauties that have climbed atop of Hollywood’s rich and famous. A lifestyle where everything is perfect, or is it? Sisters Kim and Khloe, bored with the sex lives, decide to have a contest to find the biggest, longest lasting BBC ever. What starts out as a small competition turns into a national BBC manhunt! Follow sisters Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, and mother Kris as they comb the globe for the one man that can keep it up and up and up!


Are you ready for some football! Introducing The Blitz. One of the teams in the Lingerie Football League. Follow these athletic beauties and they run, jump, hit and get fucked in their hopes of winning the championship. The gridiron has never looked sexier!


Welcome to America’s favorite reality show Wife Swap! You asked for it and we’ve delivered our newest episode that showcases a little twist in that we’re going to feature are first interracial wife swap! Tune in so you can see street savvy Mrs. Jones with her new Beverly Hills family living it up on easy street.

Meanwhile on the other side of town Mrs. Wallaby is getting her groove on with her new family in the hood.


Three professional women have an appetite for young black men.  These intelligent, cunning, and dangerous beauties prey on a black man's lust for white women in that it will become his ultimate downfall.  Follow Patricia, Kacy, and Violet as they seduce, incapacitate, and hold captive their victims as an invitation for sex takes a drastically wrong turn as every man's sexual fantasy suddenly turns into his worst nightmare!


The hunt for illegal immigrants is on! Except when females get caught by immigration agents Ross and Cutter not only do they get deported, but a big serving of big black dick. Go on the hunt with two of the most ruthless immigration patrol agents as they rock international relations and give beautiful women from around the world what they’ve been missing.


After discovering her dead father young Seneca Custer is determined to bring his killer to justice. The infamous outlaw Calamity Juggs and her all girl gang. After learning that the Jugg gang has sexually killed every man that crossed their path Seneca Custer knows she needs a special man to capture her father’s killer. Sheriff Rooster Cockburn. A man who has been tested, a man who knows no boundaries, a man with TRUE DICK! Follow their journey as they hunt the notorious outlaw Calamity Juggs.


And 1….and 2….and 3. Life is all about fitness. Well at least to these crazy characters who work at Xtreme Fitness. The only thing more important than a great body is a better sex life!  So when one of the staff members is turned down by his coworker it sets off a chain reaction of the best and worst bodies in the business doing whatever they can to get whatever they want!


Adrianna is a sexy milf who has an insatiable appetite for black men. One afternoon she invites her rich girlfriends over for a few cocktails and a few cock tales! To make sure everything is perfect Adrianna has a sample of the goods before the girls arrive. To say the least Adrianna is put to the test. Once the rest of the girls arrive they make it a party to remember!


When the regular delivery guy calls in sick Chew reluctantly has to fill in. Eventually Chew realizes why it took the regular delivery guy so long to make simple deliveries. On his first delivery a female customer is upset her regular delivery guy isn’t working but decides to make the best out of a bad situation. She teaches a new game and it isn’t Chinese Checkers! Follow Chew as he makes some fast food deliveries in the hood and then some! 


It’s Nurse Betty’s first night on the job at Beaverton General Hospital.  While tending to her patient Betty gets the biggest surprise of her short medical career. Meanwhile down the hall nurse Brittany is tending to an intensive care patient who took too much Viagra! Add in sweet chocolate Nurse Tamika’s attitude and orderly John’s lust for his sexy female coworkers and you could have a heart attack! The hot action on the night shift at Beaverton General is enough to make anyone’s temperature rise!


Sexy red head Raquel has a dilemma. Her basement is a mess and she needs help to clean it out. So she calls her next door neighbors’ sons over to help. After a long day of lifting heavy boxes and cleaning Raquel’s basement, the boys are wore out and ready to get paid. Unfortunately when Raquel only comes up with $10 dollars to pay the boys,  they expose her secret, which is more satisfying than any amount of money she could give them!


The Mcfadden’s are having their house remodeled. However when Mr. Mcfadden leaves town on a business trip the construction crew begins to work on a new project, Mr. Mcfadden’s wife Kate and daughter Debbie. Debbie gets her plumbing fixed by a crew member’s 10 inch pipe in the bathroom. Meanwhile sex therapist  Kate finally explores her secret craving for big black cock.  She finally discovers is the myth true. The only thing getting fixed here are two hot blonds!


A clogged tub! Oh no. A miscommunication on the repair appointment, even better!  Prairie Shores resident Amanda forgets she gave permission for the maintenance staff to enter her apartment to fix the tub. So when Leon walks in on her pleasuring herself with a black dildo, he replaces it with the real thing. High Rise Hanky Panky goes inside Prairie Shores luxury apartment rentals where the maintenance staff are servicing the female residents each and every way possible!


Fugitive woman bounty hunter Wolf is hard on the prowl. He’s determined to catch every criminal that crosses his path. However things don’t go according to plan on his latest hunt and Wolf is confronted with a hard decision. Stay true the oath he took to capture fugitives, or finally get a taste of the brown sugar he’s longed craved. Wolf finds himself in a tight predicament when his latest fugitive makes him an offer he can’t refuse. What will Wolf do?


Mayor Willie Stroker is in need of a new personal assistant, but he is not just looking for any assistant. The mayor is looking for one who can handle all of his request. Even if it requires clothing being removed!  Thank goodness his chief of staff recommended the perfect woman!   Mayor Willie Stroker has been in politics a long time and is no stranger when it comes to making a backroom deal.

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