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The Mayor Sequel

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We currently are writing the script for The Mayor sequel.  Some input we have received is another episode with the council woman Tanya Johnson. Some things that we are discussing is should we bring the mayor back as is or slim him down a bit?

We have decided that the mayor will be on the campaign trail so he’ll be on the move in the sequel.  Visiting churches, communities and so forth. If you have some ideas on where his honor should go or what he should do or even who he should do please let us know.

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Interracial – White men vs. Black women

We have a section called “White Man’s Revenge” to show a little love for the respective admirers of this genre. We would like your input as to what you the viewer would like to see such as story lines, plots and character attitudes. Do you like the black girl to be more militant or submissive?

We have some upcoming features based off your input.  Beyonce’s Bad Day (short story) and  Red Carpet (short story) are currently in production. The Mayor sequel is currently being written. So please write us and give us your input.


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Production Update

Here is the following production schedule:

Detention – Three scenes left until completion.  Sequel is definite                                     but some other projects have to be completed first.

TED – Three scenes left until completion. No sequel scheduled.

Art Class – Recently finished the script. This comic will be roughly                             90  scenes long. The plan is to update 3 to 4 scenes a week.

Neighborhood Whore – Currently in production. No end scheduled                                                          as of yet.

Poker Game 2 – Long awaited sequel coming soon. The cover will be                                       posted this week.

KarASSian 2 – This comic was stopped because of writers block but                                   we’ve finally found a story line that is suitable for the                                   KarASSian Klan. Will resume as Art Class and Poker                                     Game 2 are almost complete.

Missing 3 – This comic will resume as soon as Neighborhood Whore                             is finished.