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Hey Guys and Gals. Working on some animated features for you guys! Just some simple stuff like gifs and short features to start. Trying to find some good animators who can produce what we like in 2D and 3D. Our long term goal is to produce a 5 to 10 minute feature with voice actors. We think that has the most potential. Be on the lookout for our new works soon! Thanks for your continued support.

Admin Update

We know we haven’t done one of these in a long time but here goes. Currently in production are Mayor 4 and Poker Game 3. Once Mayor 4 is complete we will begin Detention 3 which won the Twitter poll (BlacknwhiteComx) for which comic should be produced next.

Once Poker Game 3 is done we’re going to introduce a new White Man’s Revenge comic titled Apt 105. It’s about a regular white guy whose sexual activities make his female neighbors so curious that they want a closer look. We’re going to make this a short series with multiple additions similar to our plan for the Chocolate City series.

Chocolate City: Speaking of the Chocolate City series there will be another addition but it won’t be a continuation of Baby Mama. It will be a new story line all together. There will be a second edition of Baby Mama at some point.

Future Current Comics: There will be a Mayor 5 and an Art Class 3. Still no word on what we’re going to do with the KarASSians series. We would like to continue to produce it even though the feedback is up and down. If we do decide to produce it we’ll just make the chapters shorter and probably won’t feature all the girls as in the 2nd chapter. We’ll probably make a MAGA 2 somewhere down the line as well.

Slutty Moms 2: Bethany! Last but not least it is going to happen and it’s going to be a hot one. The upcoming order of comics will be as followed. Complete Mayor 4 and Poker Game 3. Begin Detention 3, Apt 104 and then Slutty Moms 2: Bethany. After that we have no idea. Haha.

Potential drawing board topics: 90 Day Fiance, Families desperate to get there wives and daughters to stay in the USA enlist the help of some BBC packing brothas to pose as their husbands in exchange for a grand payday. Unexpected, Black women are shocked to find out that white boys are packing meat too in the most surprising situations. With Friends Like This: Women who lust after their best friends husbands or boyfriends and will do anything to get a taste of that meat. Country Girls: A country Mother and daughter just can’t get satisfied with white dick and risk their life and limb for that BBC in the racially divided south. Fuck Boy: A young black male who can’t resist pussy will do or say anything to bust a nut in some guts! ¬†Failure: Tales of women whose sex is so good the men they encounter can’t last for more than 2 minutes.

Animation We are beginning to experiment with some minor animation projects with voice actors. We are having a bit of difficulty deciding who should be featured in this first project and deciding on a voice actress. We did think about the Nun from Black Devotion but would like our members feedback as well. The feature will not be fully animated just partially. Trying to stay within the budget for a 2D feature has been very difficult. The feature will only be approximately one minute in run time.

Mayor 4

Just scrapped the entire plot for Mayor 4! We just weren’t happy with it and felt it wasn’t as exciting as it needed to be. Good news is that we have come up with a new and invigorating story line and now we just need to write it. MAGA will be completed in a few weeks. Image 73 should be the final image and Mayor 4 will begin immediately afterwards. There won’t be any stoppage in production so don’t worry. We’ll get ahead on writing the script so all members can continue to view the series as promised. We will increase the updates to 3 per week. Can’t wait to start producing this next edition of the Mayor!

Art Class 2

We were just looking at Art Class 1 and saw that it ended at 110 scenes. We then looked at the unfinished script for Art Class 2 and realized that it could possibly hit 200 scenes. Our goal of putting together more compact stories has failed for this issue. We apologize.

One thing we won’t don’t is try to cut corners in our writing for the remainder of this comic. We’re going to continue to write the best story possible and let the chips fall where they may.

We will continue to produce 4 scenes a week to continue to move this comic along. When there are 30 to 20 scenes left we are contemplating starting Poker Game 3 or we might just finish Art Class 2 completely and then start Poker Game 3 and Detention 3 together.

Your thoughts?