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Production Update


Hey members and fans! We wanted to give you an update on the direction with the on going production.

Currently we are producing 3 comics. KarASSians 2, Detention 2 and The Mayor 3.  These comics have very long scripts and will be in production for quite some time. We just wanted to let everyone know to buckle up and get comfortable because we will produce these stories until completion. Detention 2  looks like it will be the first comic completed. Once it is complete we will only produce the remaining 2 comics (KarASSians 2 /Mayor 3) so we can complete them as soon as possible and move forward with new comics.

Now we are open to taking suggestions for the current stories even though we have completed the scripts. We can still edit the direction of the stories. So feel free to post what you would like to see no matter what. We want to make these comics as entertaining as possible!


BNWC Admin

Slutty Moms

Hey BNWC members!  Our Slutty Moms series is an upcoming comic where we feature a female character from one of our previous comics and create a story in which she will eventually get gang banged. These stories will be on the shorter side meaning no more than 50 to 60 pages.

We’ve decided to field ideas from the group on what themes, story lines and scenarios  you would like to see in the up coming Slutty Moms series. Also if there are male characters that you would like to see or have us create let us know also.

Can wait to see your ideas!

Production Update

Hello Members,

Glad you all are enjoying Art Class. It’s been very fun to write and we’re even more excited to watch it come to life. We actually just finished the story line for Art Class 2! We think you’ll enjoy it as much as the original. The girls next adventure will take place at an Art Museum. We’ll let your imaginations take it from there. All we’re going to say is there are some alternative high school students, a janitor, a tour guide and some security guards involved!

The second half of Mayor 2 was just rewritten and revised. We’ve added an additional 10 scenes for your viewing pleasure. We will begin updating Mayor 2 when Art Class reaches scene 65 to 70. Also we have finished the story line for Mayor 3 and it will not disappoint! Our favorite mayor Frank White is still on the hunt for that brown sugar!

Detention 2 is written and complete. It will begin once Art Class is complete.  The Detention 3 story line is finished as well.  No estimated start date has been given.

We think the next “new” story to get produced will be Patriotic Duty! The overall series is very long. Longer than True Dick (207 scenes total). Because of the length and how the story is written we will divide it up into 3 parts.

In between the completion of some comics we have decided to update KarASSians 2, Next Generation. These updates will run 20 to 30 scenes.


This schedule will take us into the new year! Thanks for your continued support!

BNWC Admin



Production Update

Just an update on what’s coming up:

Six scenes left for Poker Game 2! Once that’s complete we’ve made a decision to update only Art Class for the following two weeks to accelerate the story.  Art Class will probably be 90 scenes long.

After the two weeks of only Art Class updates Mayor 2 and Detention 2 will run simultaneously with Art Class.  There are approximately 20 scenes remaining for Mayor 2 and once that’s completed we will run Art Class and Detention 2 until completion.

Looking forward here’s what’s potentially on the drawing board. The challenge for us is the decision to continue with sequels from popular stories versus introducing new material.

Detention 3 – Mrs. Smith gets gang banged by 3 students and Eugene gets a new love teacher interest, the new Spanish teacher. We’ve gotten a lot of request for a Latina character so we thought she’d be a good addition for this story.

Mayor 3 – Mayor finally fucks Diane and the head of the teachers union to avoid a teachers strike.

KarASSians 2 – The sequel will finally continue. Will probably just update here and there though. We still haven’t finished this story completely. We were thinking about ending it with a yacht party with some football and basketball players fucking the girls silly throughout the boat. Big D from Poker Game 2 might make an appearance. Also we will add more girl on girl action between the sisters.

Art Class 2 – With the positive response we’ve gotten it wouldn’t be right not to do a sequel. We’ll open another thread to take suggestions on the story line.

Black Devotion – Still debating on whether to produce this comic. Story line needs some major work.

Patriotic Duty – Contributed by writer Stormbringer. It’s a great story about a woman who is approached by two black federal agents and need her help in capturing a dangerous criminal.

Slutty Mom – Sex starved milf reaches the tipping point and has a train ran on her by her teenage son’s friends. We were wondering if we should use a new character or a previous one. Maybe the redhead from Reunion Revenge Goes Awry, Pamela Barnes or Stephanie or Bethany from Art Class. We’re really excited about this story. Probably because we are enamored with trains!

The Recruit – Two black college football coaches go into the heart of the racist south to recruit a top white football prospect. The prospects dad and grandfather hate black people but let the coaches stay at their house because they want their son,grandson to attend State University more than anything. While at the house the father’s wife and daughter are overcome with lust and risk everything to get a closer look at the coaches dark meat.

Pastor Jenkins – The sexual exploits of a married southern baptist pastor. This comic would be predominately black and first of it’s kind from what we can tell.

Ballers – Sexual adventures about basketball and football players and the groupies who love them!