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Production Update

Hey guys and gals!

Just checking in to let everyone know what’s happening in the near future.

With KarASSians 2 and the Mayor 3 ending soon we have decided to only produce Art Class 2 and Making America Great Again. We were thinking 4 scenes per week for Art Class 2 and 2 scenes a week for MAGA. Art Class 2 looks to be pretty long so we were going to be aggressive in production until we got to the halfway point. MAGA is looking like 60 scenes so we figured the standard 2 updates a week will be fine but hey let us know if you want a 3/3 update schedule. After that we would scale back down to two scenes a week for Art Class 2, MAGA and add a third comic in the rotation.  For the third comic we wanted to produce Poker Game 3. However we came up with a new comic named, Luckiest Man Alive! It’s basically a reverse gang bang where we take one of our male characters and have him banging multiple women.

So let us know your thoughts on the format going forward and what you would like to see produced next.


Production Update


Hey members and fans! We wanted to give you an update on the direction with the on going production.

Currently we are producing 3 comics. KarASSians 2, Detention 2 and The Mayor 3.  These comics have very long scripts and will be in production for quite some time. We just wanted to let everyone know to buckle up and get comfortable because we will produce these stories until completion. Detention 2  looks like it will be the first comic completed. Once it is complete we will only produce the remaining 2 comics (KarASSians 2 /Mayor 3) so we can complete them as soon as possible and move forward with new comics.

Now we are open to taking suggestions for the current stories even though we have completed the scripts. We can still edit the direction of the stories. So feel free to post what you would like to see no matter what. We want to make these comics as entertaining as possible!


BNWC Admin

Slutty Moms

Hey BNWC members!  Our Slutty Moms series is an upcoming comic where we feature a female character from one of our previous comics and create a story in which she will eventually get gang banged. These stories will be on the shorter side meaning no more than 50 to 60 pages.

We’ve decided to field ideas from the group on what themes, story lines and scenarios  you would like to see in the up coming Slutty Moms series. Also if there are male characters that you would like to see or have us create let us know also.

Can wait to see your ideas!