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  1. Hey guys, loving the content BUT i gotta say, the dialogue on slutty moms 2 is a little off. One of the hottest things about art class was that the 4 girls were white suburban house wives with no experience with black men. They talked like it too. Now, Bethany talks like a street chic or porn star, “get all up in it.” “Pound that shit”. Stuff like that. It doesn’t fit and it completely changes the Bethany character. Imo. Would like to see her sound a little closer to the Bethany from art class, thanks guys

    1. I mean she did get fucked by too different guys since her journey sooo ofc she gonna be talking different when she first debuted besides time passed and she been craving some dark meat even her side dude is busy giving it up to one of her friends she been sexual frustrated recently so ofc she gonna be talking more dirtier then her debuted self.

      1. Nah. Its the same shitty dialogue from poker 3. The chics talk like dudes, using dude fuck slang. Its whack to me. But if you enjoy it, happy for ya

        1. I mean if you don’t like how the females talk it’s other creators out there who probably fit your liking besides I don’t see nothing wrong how they talk but everybody has they preference and you can’t plz everybody nowadays.

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