5 thoughts on “Updates”

  1. Detention 3 mr sizke will be again ?
    When the sex with Vanessa will end ? I hope you enjoy everything in your comics .Long comics and sex pages are not attractive A shorter story description and different sex pages You need to completely change the sex not a Also in the poker game 3

      1. What he is trying to say is your sex scenes haven’t changed that much. Here’s an example. The dude gets his dick sucked then fucks then nuts . You get what I’m saying? Maybe put some new positions. I don’t have a problem with it and I like your stories though poker 3 has been long played out (no offense).I still respect you guys I just gave a little criticism keep up the work

        1. But you still haven’t said what type of sex scenes you want to see. We want criticism because it helps us go to new creative areas. We read all the comments.

  2. Make it kinky slaps in the face Spitting out of mouth Choking and facial expressions of Carol she punishes and is punished

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