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  1. Love how Poker Game 3 is going. Seems like an Orgy may happen in it. Detention 3 is looking amazing thanks to the arrival of King already. Makes me want more of Art Class hehe. Hope you have something outlandish and sexy for the ladies of Art Class in Art Class 3. Any chances of seeing any of the 4 MILFs before that? I would love that!

    1. Sounds good J.S.

      How about it Admin? We know Bethany is going to be in Slutty Moms. How about Kim…hot sexy Blonde from Art Class? She has had more sex than any of the other MILFs in ALL Holes….about putting Kim in an upcoming story before Art Class 3???

    2. Right now all of our attention is focused on Detention and Poker Game! We’re going all in for Art Class 3! But first we’re going to knock out Slutty Mom’s 2: Bethany

      1. Slutty Moms 2: Bethany is music to my ears and ahem hehe. She’s so lovely, sexy and elegant! Thank you BNWC, so looking forward to Bethany’s issue. Hope you will exceed all my expectations.

        By the way, I agree that Kim deserves some more loving too hehe

    1. I was asking coz i have a little idea that can be useful on the slutty Moms Bethany Narrative. I’m not intended to change anything in the script, but i do have a suggestion which can be added without modify the principal plot of the history let me explain it here:

      [beginning or middle of the history]

      [first reference]

      One of Bethany’s friends (Kim,Dana,Stephanie) send a text saying she need to talk about something important and she’s on his way to her house (she’s thinking about getting his first DP) Bethany don’t see the text cause she’s busy doing something else (sex scene of your narrative)

      [almost end of the history]

      Later when she arrives to Bethany’s House, no one open the door, call her and no answer, see thru the window and see Bethany’s phone in the table. (she worries about cuz she always reply. then thinks something happened to Bethany)
      when she’s about to leave, hear some strange noise coming from upstairs and decides to sneak inside to take a look.
      she take a first peek on the source of the noise and see his friend Bethany getting airtight by three bbc, that make her feel a little angry with Beth (she didn’t invite me! she want all for her!) that feeling make her think some malicious idea (record the Gang Bang and upload to the internet) but she didn’t know the video would help Bethany on his journey as Queen Of Spades!
      After 1 week every black man in city know Bethany as “The Blender”(because she squeeze three bananas and one liter of milk)

      After Bethany one by one of the Art Class girls will become a Queen Of Spades and maybe this could be the next adventures for the Art Class Girls.

    2. No script yet but we have the storyline set. We just keep adding details to our story board. We’ll probably start on the script in the near future. PG3 will be the first comic done so as that is winding down we’ll start writing Slutty Moms too.

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