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We know we haven’t done one of these in a long time but here goes. Currently in production are Mayor 4 and Poker Game 3. Once Mayor 4 is complete we will begin Detention 3 which won the Twitter poll (BlacknwhiteComx) for which comic should be produced next.

Once Poker Game 3 is done we’re going to introduce a new White Man’s Revenge comic titled Apt 105. It’s about a regular white guy whose sexual activities make his female neighbors so curious that they want a closer look. We’re going to make this a short series with multiple additions similar to our plan for the Chocolate City series.

Chocolate City: Speaking of the Chocolate City series there will be another addition but it won’t be a continuation of Baby Mama. It will be a new story line all together. There will be a second edition of Baby Mama at some point.

Future Current Comics: There will be a Mayor 5 and an Art Class 3. Still no word on what we’re going to do with the KarASSians series. We would like to continue to produce it even though the feedback is up and down. If we do decide to produce it we’ll just make the chapters shorter and probably won’t feature all the girls as in the 2nd chapter. We’ll probably make a MAGA 2 somewhere down the line as well.

Slutty Moms 2: Bethany! Last but not least it is going to happen and it’s going to be a hot one. The upcoming order of comics will be as followed. Complete Mayor 4 and Poker Game 3. Begin Detention 3, Apt 104 and then Slutty Moms 2: Bethany. After that we have no idea. Haha.

Potential drawing board topics: 90 Day Fiance, Families desperate to get there wives and daughters to stay in the USA enlist the help of some BBC packing brothas to pose as their husbands in exchange for a grand payday. Unexpected, Black women are shocked to find out that white boys are packing meat too in the most surprising situations. With Friends Like This: Women who lust after their best friends husbands or boyfriends and will do anything to get a taste of that meat. Country Girls: A country Mother and daughter just can’t get satisfied with white dick and risk their life and limb for that BBC in the racially divided south. Fuck Boy: A young black male who can’t resist pussy will do or say anything to bust a nut in some guts!  Failure: Tales of women whose sex is so good the men they encounter can’t last for more than 2 minutes.

Animation We are beginning to experiment with some minor animation projects with voice actors. We are having a bit of difficulty deciding who should be featured in this first project and deciding on a voice actress. We did think about the Nun from Black Devotion but would like our members feedback as well. The feature will not be fully animated just partially. Trying to stay within the budget for a 2D feature has been very difficult. The feature will only be approximately one minute in run time.

26 thoughts on “Admin Update”

  1. This sounds really really good and if I was able to put in some of my ideas in there for the upcoming projects then I definitely put my stay in there. I have been reading a lot of interracial adult comics and it is amazing to see how good these stories are.

  2. Hell Yeah!!!! Cant wait to see that spanish teacher again and that brunette one thats gonna be fire!!! And i know yaw got another great comic with this one.

      1. Can you put Kim in Slutty Moms 2 please? Maybe have a BBC gangsta come round to her house to collect on a gambling debt her husband owes. The husband is not there to pay so the hood has his way with Kim instead. He chases her around the house and eventually rips her tight jeans apart and nails her, anal & all!!! She’s initially hesitant but gets so turned on by the forceful thug & starts to get really into it. He finishes with a huge facial or she cum swallows his huge load! Or both. Check out Kylie Worthy scene with Cuntre Pipes in Diaries of a Wife Gone Black for inspiration. Either that or a hot burglary scene. Please can you make this happen???

  3. For the Karassians series, how bout a story featuring jus Kris and her two younger kids Kendall n Kylie? They go on a vaca to an island where they surrounded by a lot of black men

  4. Hi,

    I would like to know how the payment system works. How much money is per month and what content I have access. Thanks!

    1. We use Verotel for our payment system. You can subscribe monthly for $19.99 or for 3 months for $39.99. Debit or Credit cards are the primary forms of payment. Bitcoin is also acceptable. With a subscription you will have access to all of the content posted at Over 60 full feature comics. This is our only site. We are currently updated Mayor 4 and Poker Game 3. We update every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

  5. The nun from Black Devotion is the hottest girl on the site. Should go for her! And too bad if we won’t see her in a comic also…

    1. I think we’ve finally got a script that will do her justice! We’re going to squeeze it in at some point. Detention 3 is up next and we’re going to introduce a new comic in the White Man’s Revenge Section. But Black Devotion is coming!

  6. More crossovers with girls appearing in multiple series would be especially nice to have some of the white girls crossover into the Mayor series or MAGA

      1. Hell yeah!!! Bring on dem latina bitches!! 😀 hahahaha

        Great work team yaw on top and will continue to stay on top
        Top Qaulity and diverse…selection 😉

  7. Country Girls sounds AMAZING!

    Just a suggestion? You could even have it be an old family secret where the women in the family (and even other unrelated southern women the town) have been secretly having “Barn Parties/Bull-Riding” with black dudes in the black farmers’ barns (and touching on how black farmers are historically ignored) for generations. Behind their husband’s backs.

    90 Day Fiance sounds amazing too!

  8. Kim in Detention 3. Son is failing gym. So she does black gym teacher in order for her son to get a passing grade!

    1. Maybe put Kim in Poker Game 3 too! Ends up at football match with husband as V.I.P guests & ends up getting nailed by the entire black defensive unit!

  9. I dunno. Maybe just the way the build-up was shown in Art Class 1 with her & Russell. Felt taboo but then she gets dominated & owned by Russell, and becomes a BBC slut. Gets put in her place. It was hot!!! Whereas in Art Class 2 she just jumps straight into it. No real build-up. Either way she is fantastic when you got her in there. Just more of her please! Thanks! Keep up the great work!

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