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  1. not gonna lie……..aint been paying attention to poker game. when yall divert from the original structure of stories it feels like were being dragged along like we still haven’t gotten to the lesbo in mayor 4 and we not even at the poker game and were damn near 60 pages in because stuff that feels like filler too many scenes feel longer than needed and too many scenes feel unnecessary like I only got my subscription for mayor 4 dassit cause poker game dry and even mayor 4 aint as good as the others

  2. I had a sub awhile ago now and I totally agree… Subbed myself for Poker Game and Poker Game only though, since I don’t like Mayor or some of the other sets.

    But the fluff unnessesary story part is way way too dragged out. I was hoping for Lexi and her brunette friend in Poker Game. And maybe that milf from home construction. But now you drag in these girls we have seen in Art Class for years too… I was hoping for Poker Game. Not Art Class! And 60 pages in but not a single fuck pocture with Lexi nor her brunette friend. What has this site turned into? Massively disappointed…

    1. Well we’ve decided to mix things up a bit. In some of our features we are integrating some characters from other comics. So even though it’s Poker Game 3 for example we will introduce one or maybe several characters from another comic. In the end we feel our viewers will be pleased with how it all comes together.

      1. The problem, on my part atleast, is that the comics are dragging on for a long time until we get to the main part. Like the delivery guy and now the girls from Art Class.
        I wanted to see Lexi and Vanessa get it on in what will probably will be another poker game and orgy, not small sex scenes along the way and too much story along the way.
        I understand you want to give some background story too, but this is too much.

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