Mayor 4

Just looking at Mayor 4 and noticed we’re already 40 scenes in and haven’t even had a sex scene with either one of the featured women on the cover. So much for making shorter comics! LOL.

20 thoughts on “Mayor 4”

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  1. no i mean is like Parallel universe that white is big better and black is small. in The mayor 5 the mayor wife can get mr jones huge cock the teenager not the father but that yours decision in she become black cock slut is will be ironic .Tanya and the black girl meet a real monster black cock that can be new Character. What do you think

        1. Mayor 5 will start once Poker Game 3 and Chocolate City are complete. We’re almost done with Poker Game 3 and then we will produce the next Chocolate City which is a short comic. After that get ready for Mayor 5.

  2. I have an idea for the mayor 5 black girls will kidnap him like MISSING but They’re going to turn him into a mayor and a street slave payback time

  3. He lost the election and the girls he fucked would kidnap and dominant him Be a slave to the black ass he wants and he fucked them all and they would do him kinky things like
    Facesitting and other girl ballbusted. Mrs Tanya is the main misterss You got it

  4. bnwc So many pages in Detention 3 And everything was bad the same two bad poses deep throat mr .s should have been punished
    You’re idiots And the mayor is humiliating the girls and it’s better to be a femdom

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