35 thoughts on “Poker Game 3!”

  1. Hellz yeah, Lexi and Vanessa are finally back! They look amazing on the cover, love how those skimpy outfits underline their insanely hot bodies.
    Is Mrs. Jewel still included in this issue?

      1. Hell ya I’ve been waiting for poker game 3 and mrs.jewel from home construction it would be better if it hade part 2 but im glad if she gonna be in poker game 3

        1. Wednesday should be the first scene published for PG 3. We extended Chocolate City by one additional scene.

  2. It would be great if we have a character section listing down all characters. It’s bit confusing remembering them all.

      1. You probably have a story set in stone already for Detention 3 but I do hope we get some more school girls who get sent into detention with the female teachers and they have some fun with Eugene.

  3. Great cover they look amazing but their boobs look smaller especially Vanessa. That can be a great idea to put Mrs Jewel!

    1. No timetable for Art Class 3. Poker Game 3, Detention 3 and Slutty Moms 2 are up next and we’ll probably mix in another Chocolate City short story somewhere in there. We’ll get to Art Class 3 at some point but it won’t be soon. We have thought about doing a spin off but we decided against it. We figured any new story lines we can just incorporate in the next Art Class episode. We have thought about for Art Class 3 focusing on the girls personal lives just to give you an idea where we might take this story.

      Do you have any ideas for a story line for Art Class 3?

      1. Maybe you could introduce us to the girls personal lives a bit more as you said, and maybe take the plot around them having affairs with Russel or King? Maybe it would be even a good idea to focus on 1 or 2 girls to be able to tell a good story. Art Class 1 had pretty solid exposition on girls, their behaviors and sexuality were explained pretty well, even though there was so little time allocated for each girl. Art Class 2 had a good take on the black haired girl (forgot her name), her part was really long. On the other hand Kim didn’t get much and her part was the weakest imo (big sad to me cause she is my favorite). So if we are talking about Art Class 3 let’s take it a step further and have the plot part take up more pages than the sex scenes, maybe it could talk about how they go on in their regular lives before and after they met Russel? I also always thought that it would be really cool if the girls didn’t go full slut mode, but stayed loyal to Russel (let’s forget about their field trip :D). Maybe there could be some scenes where they are walking naked around their or Russels house and maybe some girl could even confess her feelings. That way you could both satisfy people who are in here for the “plot” and people who are here for the actual plot.

        So yeah, to sum up it would be really cool to see the girls side of the story, and make them feel like real people, Art Class 1 did a good job with this, so i can only imagine what you can do if there was more time for the plot. Thanks for hearing us out!

        A side note: I think a lot of people will agree that the sex scenes are too “rough”, there is not enough kissing or cuddling, even a little bit, it just feels like the girls are a bunch of hookers, not real people with emotions.

      2. Btw if you are making Slutty Moms 2 then maybe we could have another crossover with a girl from Art Class? Slutty Moms 1 had the black haired girl for some scenes (no sex sadly tho).

  4. Any thoughts on adding some sexy BBW MILFs to take on these BBCs. I would be interested to see how you all would put that together. I’m thinking like a Mazzaratie Monica type. Thoughts?

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