13 thoughts on “Updates”

    1. Baby Mama is only going to be 20-25 scenes. Poker Game 3 will start immediately after that. Followed by Detention 3 or Slutty Moms 2 or another Chocolate City short story.

      1. Congratulations on the site and the stories, they are very good.
        Please make more stories with mr jones “the horse”. something similar like the mayor but with mr jones “the horse”.
        And without orgies between men, but with women; The idea is that each nigger has his moment and does not have to share his white girl with any other.

        1. a saga in a white school in which the principal is a fat old black man, his victims are sexy cheerleaders with low academic qualifications, and they fall into the clutches of the director with a monstrous and phat cock, then they fall in love with that thing . that their athletic white boyfriends are often cheated by their girlfriends to want to be with a phat and monstrous black cock … that would be epic
          that’s like the saga of the mayor but with an old fat black man…. ¡please!

    1. Yes, please bring on Bethany and Slutty Moms 2. Chocolate City is going to be a frickin good series. Poker Game 3 and Detention 3 will be good but none of those 2 will be a well received as Slutty Moms 2…

    2. Yeah there will be an Art Class 3 and another Slutty Moms. We’re just trying to figure out when to slide it in.

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