Finally our all black series has arrived! Chocolate City!

We are proud to announce our all black series Chocolate City. This series will feature short stories covering a variety of story lines featuring predominately black characters. The first edition is titled Baby Mama and features the sexy and voluptuous Keke.

28 thoughts on “Finally our all black series has arrived! Chocolate City!”

          1. Poker Game 3 is the next project up. Baby Mama is only going to be 25 scenes or less long. We’ll update it 2 or 3 times a week we’re thinking.

    1. It currently falls under the “Comics” section but after we create a few more issues we will probably create a new section for it.

      1. Tanya Jackson has been featured in Mayor 1-4 and MAGA. There has to be an independent series for her right? Surely her marriage is to BWC not to Darren (hint hint).

        1. At some point we might have Tanya Jackson in her own feature but for now we’re having too much fun with her in the Mayor series.

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