Mayor 4

Just scrapped the entire plot for Mayor 4! We just weren’t happy with it and felt it wasn’t as exciting as it needed to be. Good news is that we have come up with a new and invigorating story line and now we just need to write it. MAGA will be completed in a few weeks. Image 73 should be the final image and Mayor 4 will begin immediately afterwards. There won’t be any stoppage in production so don’t worry. We’ll get ahead on writing the script so all members can continue to view the series as promised. We will increase the updates to 3 per week. Can’t wait to start producing this next edition of the Mayor!

19 thoughts on “Mayor 4”

    1. Right now Art Class/Maga are updated 4/2 each week. When Mayor starts we will produce 3/3 scenes for Mayor and Art Class.

  1. Since Mayor 4 narrative is being reworked…perhaps you might consider my previously-posted musings on the plot potential of the Stephen-King-esque character/locale overlap between MAGA and the Mayor series –specifically exploring situations arising from “Lay the Pipe” being contracted by City Hall especially during visits to Hizoner by our favorite Council Member. Perhaps Mike had to use some penile-persuasion on Jane to get an inside track on the contract bidding… Either scenerio would make a delightful segue´ from the completion of MAGA (1) into resumption of TheMayor series.

    1. I think we can incorporate this idea. A good idea at that. I don’t how much of it we will be able to intertwine in the story but we can at least lay the groundwork for it.

  2. Great to hear!
    The Mayor is definitely one of my preferred ones, heck first I think I viewed/suggested to see.
    Hope to see more of the Mayor with his main girl Tanya. Hell she almost sees him as her main go to man. They have had some of the best ‘meetings’. Mike is a cool intro, but think the Major serious set the pace.
    Maybe get Tanya and Diane in the same room?

    1. We are going to try and develop some of the other relationships outside of Frank White as we produce these stories but still within the Mayor series.

      1. That’s cool!
        So many new series opening up, got to spread it around.
        Fan of some of the originals, but will look forward to some new stuff (like red carpet 2 if that comes to be made).

  3. Excusez moi ,j’aime beaucoup vos BD mais je ne sais pas comment suivre et comment s’inscrire pour regarder svp aidez moi

    1. The comic is still being produced and posted on our website. What site are you viewing the comic on?

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