42 thoughts on “Mayor 4 Coming Soon!”

    1. We most certainly have an all black in the works!!! We are going to start with some short stories covering a variety of topics but it is coming!

  1. The cover art looks great..naw it looks fire yo! Shawty on the right look fine ass fuck to. Lookn forward to this but i am assuming yaw changed your mind about doing detention 3 next?

  2. Is Black Devotion still in the works?

    Who cares how you atart the story, just bring in that hot model in nun uniform taking a massive cock!

      1. I don’t know if open is a thing here. It is more about cutting through and doing it. Screw some of these other sets like make america great again etc… Poker Game 3 and Detention 3 would be fun too though…

        Art Class and Mayor I am a bit split on. Parts of them are good. Parts of them are terrible.

        Sorry for being honest… 😉

          1. Good sets:
            – Poker Game
            – Detention
            – I’d love to see Black Devotion

            Medium sets:
            – Art Class
            – Mayor

            Bad sets:
            – Karassians
            – Make America Great Again

          1. Camt wait we talkn detention 3 or we talkn soo er? 🙂 yaw keep bringing some gooood shit thx for accepting requests yaw tha best

  3. If I have a REALLY great (and original) idea for a comic series that I’d like to suggest, where can I hit you up at? Is there an E-mail address that I can use? If you have one, you can just E-mail me at the address I submitted in order to comment here, in private.

    I assume the admin/mods can see it on their end.

  4. As I mentioned in my direct email, I appreciate the Stephen-King-style sharing of characters and locale between The Mayor and MAGA .
    Again I also really dig the internal anatomy views of inseminations and would love a remake of Mayor3 page M029 featuring a modified right panel –or , better still, added upper (before) and lower (after) middle panels divided by the already present sound effect text– showing Hizoner’s cock head popping through the nanny’s cervix as he takes her “Cervinity”.
    Final thought, Wolf the BountyHunter should keep his quarry topless at very least one captured to humble and distinguish them from “decent folk”.

  5. that should be “onCe captured” in reference to my immediately-preceding comment on “Wolf the Bounty Hunter”

  6. Hello BlacknWhiteComics Staff,
    You all do great work with your adult comics. I took a short, yet focused time to type up what I believe would be a great casting for a live action/adaptation of The Mayor series. I understand if this cast/list is something you all are not interested in (at this time). But if any one of the BnWC Staff can take a look my casting list, below…and share your thoughts, I’d really appreciate it. I believe it’s worth considering, if you all are interested in taking a necessary risk to shake things up (in a creative & lucrative way) for the company.

    Thank you for your time, reading my message. Enjoy reading the casting, below. Let me know thoughts. Have a great day.

    The Mayor – Live Action/Adaptation Adult Film Series
    The Cast

    *Active Adult Performers Listed Below

    The Mayor (White, 40-60yo, Chubby or Out of Shape) – Eric John, or Steve Holmes, or Jonni Darkko, or Evan Stone, or Preston Parker (Late 30s), or Chad White (early 30s)

    Diane/Secretary (Dark Ebony, 22-35yo, SlimThick-ish, Hair Wrap/Bun, Big Tits, Phat or Round Ass) – Nyna Stax,

    Tanya Jackson/Councilwoman (Dark or Brown Ebony, 30-38yo, SlimThick-ish, Big Tits, Big Ass) – Megan Vaughn, or Ms London

    Michelle Bradley/Attorney (Latina or Black Latina or Redbone, 30-38yo, SlimThick-ish, Short Hair, Big Tits, Phat or Round Ass) – Jasamine Banks, or Diamond Banks, or Porsha Carrera, or Mimi Curvaceous

    Tamika Jenkins/BLM Leader (Dark or Brown Ebony, 18-24yo, SlimThick-ish, Dreadlocks or Faux Locs or Curly Hair, Big Tits, Phat or Round Ass) – Kira Noir, or Julie Kay (lite tone & slimthick)

    Latoya/Babysitter (Latina or Black Latina, SlimThick-ish, 18-24yo, Big Tits, Phat or Round Ass) – or Katana Kombat, or Abby Lee Brazil, or Luna Star, or Adriana Maya, or Briana Banderas

    Alexis/BLM Activist/Treasurer (Brown Ebony, 21-35yo, SlimThick-ish, Dreadlocs, Big Tits, Phat Ass) – The Real Ms London, or Ambitious Booty

    Mayor’s Wife (White, SlimThick-ish, 18-24yo, Blonde, Big Tits, Phat or Round Ass) – Cali Carter, or Kayla Kayden, or Brooke Bailey, or Mia Malkova, or Athena Palomino

    1. Ages:
      Frank White 50
      Diane Brown 35
      Tanya Jackson 38
      Michelle Bradley 36
      Tamika Jenkins 22
      Alexis Washington 24
      Latoya 26
      Priscilla White 36
      Robert Chief of Staff 45

      1. Great! I wasn’t too far off with most of the age range I typed in the character descriptions. I accidentally put 18-24yo next to The Mayor’s Wife (Priscilla White). And I forgot to list The Mayor’s Staff Members (such as his Chief of Staff, Robert). The age ranges help with casting performers who may be the age, or close to the age, that you all have set above for the characters.

        Other than those casting/character descriptions (ages and such), what do you think about the cast of performers I listed?

          1. So if I had to choose a more accurate (and active) performer to portray Tamika Jenkins (probably wearing faux dreadlocks), it would probably be between Nina Rotti (she’s back), Ambitious Booty, Evi Rei (aka Lola Chanel), Jade Boisclair (aka Kimberly Brinks , an amateur of Buddha Bang Productions), or Miss PYT (an amateur on several Mike Dirty sites/productions).

            As for Latoya (the Nanny)…after reviewing the character again, I wasn’t sure about the character’s ethnicity (she definitely looks mix, black & white or black & latino)…the accurate (and active) performer would be between Scarlit Scandal, Diamond Banks (formerly Amethyst Banks), Cassidy Banks, Aaliyah Hadid, Cecilia Lion, Alexis Tae (very small breast, but mixed and in great shaped). It’s really a good bunch of mixed-ebony performers to choose from (and only so many with big breasts, phat/round booties, and average-to-smaller height). I believe those six performers are pretty close to the “sexy, fit, mixed nanny ” description.

            Quick thought…

            It’s hard to believe how severe the decline of Black performers has been in the last 6+ years. I mention that because there were so many beautiful, thick, curvy….just all-around bodacious Black starlets. Well, here’s hoping the thick, curvy Black female performers get the spotlight they deserve, in the months and years ahead.

            Back to the casting and series….

            Are you all considering development of a live-action adaptation, of The Mayor series….or any of your comic series…in the near future?

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