35 thoughts on “Mayor 4 Coming Soon!”

    1. We most certainly have an all black in the works!!! We are going to start with some short stories covering a variety of topics but it is coming!

  1. The cover art looks great..naw it looks fire yo! Shawty on the right look fine ass fuck to. Lookn forward to this but i am assuming yaw changed your mind about doing detention 3 next?

  2. Is Black Devotion still in the works?

    Who cares how you atart the story, just bring in that hot model in nun uniform taking a massive cock!

      1. I don’t know if open is a thing here. It is more about cutting through and doing it. Screw some of these other sets like make america great again etc… Poker Game 3 and Detention 3 would be fun too though…

        Art Class and Mayor I am a bit split on. Parts of them are good. Parts of them are terrible.

        Sorry for being honest… 😉

          1. Good sets:
            – Poker Game
            – Detention
            – I’d love to see Black Devotion

            Medium sets:
            – Art Class
            – Mayor

            Bad sets:
            – Karassians
            – Make America Great Again

          1. Camt wait we talkn detention 3 or we talkn soo er? 🙂 yaw keep bringing some gooood shit thx for accepting requests yaw tha best

  3. If I have a REALLY great (and original) idea for a comic series that I’d like to suggest, where can I hit you up at? Is there an E-mail address that I can use? If you have one, you can just E-mail me at the address I submitted in order to comment here, in private.

    I assume the admin/mods can see it on their end.

  4. As I mentioned in my direct email, I appreciate the Stephen-King-style sharing of characters and locale between The Mayor and MAGA .
    Again I also really dig the internal anatomy views of inseminations and would love a remake of Mayor3 page M029 featuring a modified right panel –or , better still, added upper (before) and lower (after) middle panels divided by the already present sound effect text– showing Hizoner’s cock head popping through the nanny’s cervix as he takes her “Cervinity”.
    Final thought, Wolf the BountyHunter should keep his quarry topless at very least one captured to humble and distinguish them from “decent folk”.

  5. that should be “onCe captured” in reference to my immediately-preceding comment on “Wolf the Bounty Hunter”

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