Art Class 2

We were just looking at Art Class 1 and saw that it ended at 110 scenes. We then looked at the unfinished script for Art Class 2 and realized that it could possibly hit 200 scenes. Our goal of putting together more compact stories has failed for this issue. We apologize.

One thing we won’t don’t is try to cut corners in our writing for the remainder of this comic. We’re going to continue to write the best story possible and let the chips fall where they may.

We will continue to produce 4 scenes a week to continue to move this comic along. When there are 30 to 20 scenes left we are contemplating starting Poker Game 3 or we might just finish Art Class 2 completely and then start Poker Game 3 and Detention 3 together.

Your thoughts?

22 thoughts on “Art Class 2”

  1. As a member of this site, I have no issues in Art Class 2 stretched over 200 pages, loving every page. The build-up is slow, steady and the action is simply put – stunning beyond description. Now then, with respect to other issues – I think maybe MAGA and Poker Game 3/Detention 3 could alternate among themselves. I am saying this because I am biased towards Art Class 2, obviously. But I would not mind if there is a week where Art Class 2 takes a break so that the other comics can entertain everybody, as long as you announce it “This week will not have any Art Class 2 updates, we shall resume next week”, something like that.

  2. I’m enjoying Art Class 2. Seeing all 5 hot women including the art class instructor’s daughter gettin fucked by the 2 bruthaz gonna be phenomenal. Have Poker Game 3 n Detention 3 go together

    1. I say finish art class 2. Then move on to other projects even though i cant wait for detention 3 and that latina boooooty gettin slain again lol. I figure completing projects is better than trying to balance em out. Allows you to keep more focused and possibly better story. Different times different mind set different story. Either way good luck and keep the fire comin

  3. I think the poker game 3 is pretty dull. The best part about these comics is their interesting plot, and after the first one, there was nothing interesting at all about them. Maybe you should do something about a black guy moving to Europe?

      1. I agree, perhaps a black guy arriving to Paris (the french girls, the sensuality of Paris, perhaps a cameo not involved in the story)

      2. In addition to France, seeing one of the black male “characters” of the lore explore somewhere like Italy (beautiful brunettes in traditional farms) or Sweden (blonde, progressive)

  4. I liked the poker game 2 a lot. More of the Lexi-Vanessa duo is what I’d love to see. How about picturing Lexi’s husband sending her to sex therapy with Mrs. Jewel from ‘Home Construction’ comic?

  5. I’m a new member but for continuations I want to see The Mayor 4 and Slutty Moms2!! Mayor white is running for Governor and needs to gain black supporters. Maybe he has an intern program for black women. Or maybe Mrs. white does what it takes to get support from black male politicians. I love the thought of Pamela Porci and Bethany in the same world. Maybe they join the school board or take a girls trip. Just ideas but I want to see these series continue. Also loving MAGA btw

  6. I’m good with finishing art class 2 at 200 pages… Slutty moms 2 is definitely on my wishlist, maybe bring her baby daddy into the story. Would love to see a True Dick sequel with a male villain as “well armed” as sheriff cockburn,…

      1. Yes true dick is an excellent if u gonna work on it we need to see the sherrif fuck seneca since she throw a lot of hints to the sherrif rooster

  7. After art class 2 work on home construction 2 pls also I have plan for poker game 3 for example lexi’s husband send her to sex therapy Mrs.jewel from home construction and then lexi and Mrs.jewel tell lexi to fix her problem by bbc as well Mrs.jewel is bbc addicted might get 4some with Mrs.jewel and craig and joe

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