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  1. Goddamnit!! Goddamnit!! Bethany is so damned fine. Love how the story has gone so far .. God, I won’t be able to stop looking at Bethany’s images lol .. Also, can’t stop thinking about Art Class 2 description. Final masterpiece you say? I am wondering what you have in store for us hmm ..

    1. Dude, you’re so right! Bethany is the hottest lady in all of the comics by far. There are some other sexy ladies but the her build and personality are just f***king awesome! I hope to also see her as next up in Slutty Moms.

      1. Bethany in Slutty Moms???

        We’ll give a little spoiler here. We have the story line set for Slutty Moms: Bethany

        And believe us it is hot and her limits will be more than tested. No more details other than that. Sorry not sorry.

        1. Yayyyyyyyyy !!!!

          This is amazing NEWS indeed !! Bethany on the Cover of Slutty Moms .. wow, my mind’s going dizzy expecting it already .. looking forward to seeing how and what she does there after Art Class 2 is done .. thanks BNWC

  2. BTW, guys yall are doing an awesome job with Art Class 2. The story line and art work are darn good. This is the (too me) the best comic you have. It look forward as the story continues to develop…..I can’t wait to see what happens when Kim shows up after her transformation in Art Class…..she has become a total BBC slut…

    1. Thanks GL,

      We’ve been going over the script for the next 20 scenes to see how we can improve them. These stories are always a work in progress and we try to see where we can make them better.

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