White Man’s Revenge

So we are looking at the White Man’s Revenge section and we like how MAGA is going and can definitely see a future for Mike the Plumber. Also the Mayor series is solid and we’re working on ideas for Mayor 4 currently. With that being said we are looking for some new ideas for this section.  Here are some of the ideas we have for future comics:

Red Carpet 2 –  We thought about changing the original artist to our current one who does the Mayor and MAGA.  The story would pick up with Justin Striker’s quest to nail more of hollywood’s hottest black female stars.

Sugar Daddys Revenge – A story about a sugar daddy who one day after months of dating a hot younger sugar baby finally gets his payday and nails her viciously with the help of ED meds.

Patriotic Duty – This a story written by Stormbringer for those of you who are familiar with his work. The original story is about 2 black federal agents who solicit the help of a white housewife to catch a couple of criminals. However we thought the story would be great to change the characters around and introduce 2 white federal agents who solicit a black housewife in order to capture a gang of white criminals. We think this one has a lot of potential.

AirBnb Surprise – A black couple rent a room of an Airbnb while on vacation and the owner ends up fucking the wife/girlfriend. We kinda like this angle of where this could go.

We are aware you all have asked us for more physically fit white male characters so we have not forgotten that request.

We want your input of what you would like to see in the future. We do read all your comments and do take your suggestions seriously. Even you if do not see an entire storyline featured we do take bits and pieces and incorporate them. Keep in mind that our focus is trying to take real life scenarios and expand on those ideas.

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  1. In another post, you say maybe the KarASSians will have a short story, this could work …

    “Amanda the new fitness trainer”

    Amanda Elise Lee is the new fitness trainer for the KarASSians Family, the girls organize a “Welcome Party” on his house on the beach, obviously all normal until the “welcome party” become “BBC Initiation Party” courtesey of Kim, where Amanda gets gang banged for six BBC, while the KarASSians girls record on his cellphone all the action, giving her moral support and cheer him up. After the initiation Amanda the PAWG who is made for BBC now will become a “Queen Of Spades” just like the KarASSians!

    and the other hand, I prefer black males and white girls, just my opinion ..

  2. Also, wondering if the “Black Devotion” concept is still alive? Would you be introducing Pastor Jenkins in Mayor 4 maybe?

    1. Regrettfully Black Devotion is dead at the moment. We just haven’t come up with that perfect story line. We could produce it but we fill it falls short of what we think it could be. The Pastor Jenkins comic is still a possibility. It would be primarily an all black comic with an occasional mix of white and latina females but mostly black. As far as Mayor 4 we don’t know yet which direction that is going. We do know school union boss Michelle Bradley has something in the works for Mayor White though.

      1. Nice .. I really like the idea of how Michelle is proving to be a real challenge for the Mayor .. that has definitely made the series all the more interesting. Pastor Jenkins within an all black community would be fun, maybe on similar lines with Sheriff Cockburn (and his black ladies – who look so damned lovely)

        Here’s a random crazy idea .. imagine if Mrs Parker takes all the four MILFs (Stephanie, Dana, Bethany and Kim) to the Wild West and they meet Sheriff Cockburn, maybe it could be a dream of one of the MILFs. You could make that happen if Art Class 3 is happening a year or later .. I am happy with how Art Class 2 has turned so far 😉

      2. I hve faith in you being able to produce that Black Devotion comic. Even if you dont like my idea for it, just look into other simillair fiction for inspiration…

  3. I love the idea that you all are expanding the White Mans Revenge portion of the site. I also love the idea that the criminals in the federal agent comic will be white and the federal agent will be a black woman. I think introducing new female body types will be helpful. You displayed earlier this year the idea of thicker more BBW esq. women in the comics. I think that will help have diversity in the comics. MAGA and Mayor have to continue obviously, but unique situations like interracial cuckolds with black wives or BWC (big white cock) black wives clubs, or a white professor at an HBCU, white lawyer at a black owned firm, white pastor, etc. There are things that you dont see alot in porn that you could be an inventor or innovator of. The idea of this section to me is to celebrate black females beauty and since they come from all walks of life there’s many stories to tell. I love it all, keep it up.

  4. Have you thought about making a white on white and black on black porn section? The section can be called Athletes Paradise. Or just a section centered around athletes. The white athlete can be a white Quarterback sleeping with mainly white women. The black athlete can be a NBA star sleeping with mainly black women. I think section would be great.

    1. We haven’t thought about doing a white on white section. We’d figured since the theme of the site is interracial the most we would do is an occasional white on white or black on black. We did have an idea for a comic called “Ballers” and that was going to feature the everyday lives of professional athletes and their sexual escapes. We were going to used athletes from every major sport including soccer. Didn’t get much interest when we posted the idea though.

  5. Out of the limited options I do prefer the Airbnb. Perhaps make it so the couple is so poor and cannot afford if because the guy has spent their money on drugs or something. Then have the girl seduce the landlord and fuck him infront of the guy who is just sitting there looking sad…

  6. White is the New Black : a story with 2 white men a director and a correctional officer in a women’s federal prison with predominantly black inmates.

    For the Ballers serie : a white coach is in charge of the basketball team in a university with the future wnba star.

    The nanny : a spin off serie with Latoya who is working for different family.

    1. One comic we have under our belt is called the Recruit. We have two issues. One for the main gallery featuring 2 black coaches going into the racist deep south to recruit a white four star football prospect and getting it on with his mother and sister but having to avoid getting caught by his father and grandfather. The other was for the White Mans Revenge section featuring a white head basketball coach going into a inner city housing project to recruit an all american basketball player but having to appease his horny single mom. We thought these would be great additions and at some point we will sneak them into the rotation.

      1. The Recruit with the white coach have potentiel. The idea with the white professor in the black university is looking good too. About your options : Airbnb surprise 1st and 2nd choice Patriotic duty

  7. Yes ready for red carpet 2 !! , Bethany could get it or the sectary from the mayor just saying those are great female models
    Thanks for considering it

  8. I’d like to see your artist do Stormbringers Flag Girl Comics. That comic has been started by 2 different comic sites but stopped a 3rd way through. I’m not sure why, but I’d really like to see it completed. Thanks

  9. I like the Sugar Daddys Revenge idea. The girl could be using the rich dude to get lots of gifts and money, but evading any physical contact, only teasing him all the time. Unknown to her Sugar Daddy she has a boyfriend who knows about her scam, even being the one who came up with the idea. They laugh at the old fool, that he’s their piggybank. The situation changes when the Sugar Daddy finds out he’s been used. He devices a plan to turn the ungrateful bitch into his plaything. He lures her to his mansion promising another expensive gift, treats her to a drink, which is spiked with aphrodisiac pill making her extremely horny. He takes strong ED meds making his long white dick hard and ready to go. Sugar Daddy asks her to finally give him something for all he’s done for her so far. The girl having her mind melted by the aphrodisiac agrees to a quick blowjob, but nothing more. Of course she ends up doing a lot more than a simple blowjob. Thanks to the effect of his ED pills he gives her a pounding of her life, lasting hours. After that event she never returns to her boyfriend cause she’s banged into submission by her Sugar Daddy. A while later her boyfriend who’s still looking for her, not seeing her for weeks receives a video file message from her account. He quickly plays it. On the screen first he sees his girlfriend in a hot lingerie, she says her goodbyes to her now ex-boyfriend and tells him how much she loves her Sugar Daddy and how much more of a man he is compared to him. Then she proceeds to fuck him while her ex is watching with eyes full of shock. THE END?

        1. Ah yes Ms. Tamika Jenkins. It’s funny you ask because we were just discussing in what capacity should we reintroduce her the other day. We agree she definitely needs a cameo. We haven’t even begun our think tank for Mayor 4 but maybe we need to find a way to include her in the script. One idea we had included her boyfriend who is an anti-establishment, militant type but somehow he gets blackmailed and the only way out is for him to watch Tamika get double teamed by the mayor and his chief of staff. Just a thought but a good one we think.

          1. You HAVE to use that idea. This whole cuckold thing that you guys are discussing has to happen in one of the comics. You guys are awesome.

          2. We don’t know at this time. After MAGA we might explore one of the new comics discussed in this thread before Mayor 4.

          3. Councilwoman Tanya needs a good gangbang with alot of oral and anal sex. Perhaps it could happen in the harbour area. Maybe some workers saw her with the mayor there and want a piece of action in return of their silence. It would be fun to watch as workers arrive progressively to the action. And she said she had a meeting in 45m…

          4. Another cool setting would be Ms. Bradley “make” the mayor organize a fancy fundraising ball. With the mayor, his staff and some old rich councilman and millionares. Tanya, the secretary all invited. And all with husbands and wifes. Maybe in the end the neglected husbands of Tanya and the secretary have a go on mayors wife, and Tanya used by the staff and millionares

  10. Have you ever think to illustrate a story of Coxville Course Saga, write by Stormbringer? The story that talk about Prospero and the two ladies is wonderful!!!!

  11. I really think the MAGA is a hit in the making but I hope Mike turns out be a bit of a racist that enjoys dominating black women sexually. He already fits the description being a rebel flag hat wearing , southern, Trump voter so I hope his “true” nature comes out during his sexual conquest.

    Secondly, the white revenge section is the best thing this site is doing and I hope its the exact counter to what many interracial comics sites do featuring the sexy black women being dominated racial and sexually.

    I have several comic suggestion but the main one is a redneck bar right off a back road highway called the Rebel’s Den in which unsuspecting black female travelers end up at in various after being stranded on the road. First idea is a tour bus with a Beyonce/Nicki Minaj type star breakdown down right outside the bar and when she goes in to ask for help things go bad for superstar.

    1. What type of despicable things would you like to see out of Mike the Plumber? (Rubbing hands/smiling devilishly) We can definitely see a redneck bar in the future which serves as a cock trap for any female of color that passes thru!

      1. First off as things progress the sex gets more aggressive from Mike. He wants to show her/them their place and who is boss. The use of racial epithets and racial language becomes more apart of his sexual dialogue. Maybe at first he accidentally slips out a phrase thats less offensive like black bitch/ghetto whore but once he notices no resistance he advances on to harder racial slurs and terms. He does not believe this kind of languages is inappropriate at all and just wants his freedom of speech as a white man to “use straight talk”, “to be free of all this politically-correct BS”, “to call it as he sees fit”. He also talks about making America great again by restoring the “natural order” of white men to reclaim their “rights”. This guy such be full on MAGA, southern redneck. This is a series for the white’s man revenge section so let’s go for the gusto!

        *Redneck bar would feature a stage where they make black woman “perform”/dance/strip in confederate flag bikini/lingerie outfits.

  12. Can you just stop doing Black-on-White altogether? It’s getting to the point that there’s practically no porn for us white guys PERIOD these days. It’s almost predominately Black dudes and whatnot.

    1. Of course we can’t stop doing Black on White! That’s who we are! lol. We understand your point which is why we introduced the White Man Revenge gallery.

      1. What about the Mayor’s wife??? Man, she is hot? Got a BBC plan for her in Mayor 4 or how about Slutty Moms? Maybe something with Pastor Jenkins??

        Thanks and keep up the good work!

        1. We do have some plans for the Mayor’s wife but we haven’t put all the details of it together yet. We did think about trying to incorporate Pastor Jenkins in it too.

  13. Want to add another comic idea for the White Man’s Revenge section. A group of “white nationalist” show up to black female social rallies to lure away “social justice warriors” for a more private and constructive debate venue. Once alone the guys show their true intentions of just wanting to sexually dominate these “uppity” black women. Can some social compromise be achieve thru their sexual interactions….even if their initial motives are no so pure….probably not…..but let’s find out.

  14. I really hope MAGA continues as a series. Wish more pages were released weekly like Art Class but I understand that the 1st chapters are usually shorter. In thext chapter I hope he gets a go at a Congresswoman on the blue side of the political aisle, or maybe even a former First Lady(of course you’d have to use an alias for the name but we would know who the character was based on). Maybe even a few of his like minded deplorable friends join in at some point. Mike and crew show up at a Democractic campaign event and do some plumbing.

  15. So glad to hear Mayor 4 is in the works… I cannot get enough of Mayor Frank White. Confident, mature, handsome, and a sexual animal… the way he’s drawn is just spectacular. A couple of my small suggestions for Mayor 4:
    – Love Mayor White’s facial expressions, especially as he’s getting off. Keep those coming!
    – The “x-ray” scenes showing him shooting inside of a woman are AMAZING. Really hope we get to see more of those.
    – This is my own personal fetish but I’d love to see Mayor White smoke a cigar in the fourth story. His character type would look amazing lighting up a big, fat, long cigar – the classic politician!
    – Would love to see Mayor White getting it on in the back of the mayor limousine, on his way to/from some sort of important function. Anything that stresses his power and authority is beyond hot!

    Keep the great work coming!

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