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  1. guys, kinda disappointed you didnt finish off next generation with a giant Kendall Gangbang. I would literally pay a 100 dollars for that comic.

    can I suggest new Karassians shorts, with at least one focusing completely on Kendall? And the others can be focused on the Mom which apparently people are a big fans of?

    But a Kendall spinoff where she just gets RAILED, I’d be very willing to pay for that. Thanks

    1. Kendall in a gangbang is definitely an idea. However out of all of the sisters she was the last one to get turned out so a gangbang could happen but it would probably happen with one of the other sisters first. It’s something to keep in mind though. As for Kendall we haven’t seen the last of her or the KarASSian clan. We are aware Kris the mom seems to be the favorite for most of our viewers.

      1. I think that her being the “youngest”, “goodest”, and different from her sisters, she’d be the most attune to that experience. The rest would want a taste but would want to settle down quicker after.

        With Kendall being a little different, a little more adventurous and self contained, once she is turned out, shed react differently and would want to experience it more intensely. She’d want it more and she’d want it bigger and harder; and she’d want it now.

        I think the first generation’s theme is being a powerless slut, like Kim originally.

        Kendall could represent the evolution of being an empowered woman, but she still surrenders to the absolute ownership and degradation of the guys fucking her.

        Like she might be getting fucked by 10 dudes but she doesnt just lay there, she fucks back. That I think is the real Next Generation.

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