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    1. We won’t be producing that cover for a while. Poker Game 3 is next. Also we haven’t figured out what the story line is either. Feel free to make some suggestions on what you would like to see.

    1. We don’t know. We get mixed reviews on the KarASSians. Some members love it and others not so much. We personally like the comic so we would say yes! We might shorten the stories a bit. Any direction that you would like to see the story go?

      1. The only thing about the KarASSians that I like is when the mom gets involved. She’s definitely the star of the show. The rest of the girls, while pretty sexy, I just find myself counting the pages until their mom is back in action.

  1. keep Detention story lines Katy Smith as the main character

    We see the discussion with Ted and Eugene at home taking about Mrs Smith

    Ted pushes Mrs. Smith potential further in future meet ups. (2 cocks in one pussy, titty fucks, Ted cums in Katy. Ted’s father meets Katy). Katy falls for Ted Jones

    Katy smith become pregnant doesn’t know who the father is.

    Found out how katy first experienced anal at college (flashback)

    Another parent teacher conference/ school conference- Katy meets other fathers. With fathers ogling her and with wives pulling their husbands away.

    Katy’s ripped skirt and panties. (tearing sound as clothing was removed)

    See what Katy husband and Ted Jones wife looks like.

    See what katy and her husband homelife like before she leaves to go to work.

    DJ and students film the gang banged of their phones. DJ/student dad’s find the video on their son’s phones. ALL 3 dad’s meet katy in person. One of the dads is black giant, has manilest cock she ever seen and she intimidated by him. Katy smith was paralyzed by his dominant, manly, dangerous gaze. Katy become submissive

    The school black junitor finds katy at it with DJ and student.

    Katy and the janitor story line.

    Mr. Carmichael become more creepy

    New characters

    janitor (old,fat,bad teeth and smelly) has a thing for katy

    new substitute teacher

    1. Great suggestions. It’s funny because a lot of these are on our subject board already. One direction we were going in for the next edition was expanding the roles of some of the female coeds. We don’t have anything set in stone yet but the possibilities are endless.

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