7 thoughts on “Updates”

  1. Hey BNWC .. love what you are doing with The Mayor 3. Maybe it’s just me but Frank needs to cut a few pounds. Seems like he has met his match or he is rather outmatched by Ms Michelle Bradley and damn, what a woman, Amazonian Goddess!!

    Maybe with Art Class 2, Bethany can become a full-time fitness instructor. Her husband recommends her name to the Mayor, being a businessman who is trying to get into the Mayor’s good books. Bethany is bored but she gets into a Workout Relationship with the Mayor as well. Just an idea .. Bethany will still enjoy big well-hung black men, but I think she could be featured in Mayor 4 with this background ..

    1. You want Bethany to make an appearance in Mayor 4. Hmmm we’ll see. Michelle Bradley is a handful though!

      1. Unless you are thinking of Bethany in Slutty Moms 2 .. in that case, Bethany need not arrive in Mayor 4 at all .. just saying lol

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