18 thoughts on “Updates”

  1. Yep “mayor IV” with such intense suspense ^^
    That is, aside, a real torture to wait for the updates :{

  2. The next fuck with the nanny, the 2nd meeting with Tamika Jenkins and of course the rest of the story with Miss Jackson. New characters : the asian persuasion, a female judge?

    1. We’re on it! Don’t really know what direction the Mayor 4 will go in just yet. We’re still throwing around ideas. We definitely want to feature Tamika Jenkins again. That’s for sure. The female judge could be a good option too. We’ve got some time still to work on this still. MAGA is going to start as soon as Mayor 3 is complete. We got a few request for some younger and more athletic white male talent so this was our answer for that.

  3. May I suggest that you make Kendall look taller? Youre missing out on the hotness this brings in the later pages. She’s 5’10.

    Also, if you devoted a full Kendall comic to her just going wild with as many guys as possible, I would pay 30 dollars right away for that comic.

  4. MAGA sounds realy good i can’t wait. The Mayor said to the nanny that he need to get to the gym. Maybe he can have a private training session with her or with a personal trainer. It can be cool to see the Mayor more often outside the city hall and his house. I trust your team. Thanks. Bye

    1. Thanks for the ideas. We’re definitely looking at getting the mayor out of the office in the next edition!

  5. How about the Mayor’s wife sharing a little since the Mayor prefers his ladies…would be nice to see her with a BBC. Keep up the good work.

    1. We’ve been thinking about what to do with the Mayor’s wife, Priscilla. We’re wondering whether to have her experience a little bbc action within the Mayor series or have her own comic. We don’t want the White Man Revenge fans freaking out by intruding in their territory. lol.

    1. We’re trying to figure out what to do with Mrs. Priscilla White! Put her in Black Devotion? Come on Ladies Luck, surely we can find something better than turning her into a nun.

        1. We’ll see. We still need to figure her out and the script for Black Devotion. That’s the main reason why we haven’t produced it yet. We’re not happy with the overall story line.

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