14 thoughts on “Updates”

    1. MAGA will start as soon as Mayor 3 is completed. We’re thinking some time in June. Mayor 3 only has about 12 to 15 more scenes left.

          1. Great to ear it ^^ hope the waiting won’t be as GOT new seasons ^^

            Great drawings real skills ^^
            (Both the “models” and the artist)

      1. Its cool i asked last minute anyway. Then again theres aleays dat mexican independence day yaw could drop something. Oh and that maria scene was fuckn awesome dat boooty was spiccccy!

        1. Glad you enjoyed it! We’ve got some things in the works for some new Latina talent in some upcoming stories.

  1. When will one of these comics be done? I like to read from the beginning to the end all in one go. Keep up the good work!

    1. Slutty Moms has about 10 to 15 more scenes and then it will be completed. KarASSians and the Mayor both have about 20 scenes remaining.

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