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    1. True Dick 2. We’ve thought about it can’t really gauge how popular the first one was. As for a story line we would focus on the Sheriff and his new adventures. Maybe even bring some of the characters back from the original story in some way. It could be interesting.

      1. Have you ever think to illustrate a comics based on the story that Stormbringer wrote about Prospero and his meeting with Betty and Samantha in the plantation (the story is a part of Housewives of Colville County) ?

        1. We are familiar with that story but has Stormbringer written a second issue? We thought that story was a one and done.

          1. The story had done by Stormbringer… There wasn’t a second issue. So is a complete story, you could think to illustrate from start to finish in a new comics!

          2. It’s not something we would do. We did one of Stormbringer’s scripts with his permission. We don’t think we would try and create the plantation part 2 though.

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