9 thoughts on “Art Class 2 is almost here!”

  1. Oh la la la .. This is what some of us have been waiting for .. Nice to see the MILF-Pack again .. Bethany looks sexy and gorgeous, excited to see how she carries that dress in the museum. Love the expression on Kim’s face – she’s a changed woman I guess lol. Dana and Stephanie look well placed for some action too. Hope you are giving equal emphasis on all four ladies. When will the story summary be released? Also, will Mrs Parker be drawn differently this time?

    1. Mrs. Parker will remain the same. The story summary is still a work in progress. We hope to have it finalized soon. Art Class 2 will begin when Slutty Moms is completed. We believe there will be enough action for all our viewers to enjoy!

      1. What do u think of a janitor, security guard, a tour guide and the curator and finally the director of the museum.

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