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  1. So I asked where I could post ideas for comics and the twitter page told me to post here

    My first idea is about two busty sorority girls that work at a diner it isn’t a very big diner so the girls are closing up and are the only people there until 3 black men walk in the diner one of the girls walks out from the back and tells the men they have to leave however the men refuse and after arguing one of the black men makes the girl a bet that if she won the men would leave but if he won she would have to give him a blow job and cook him food the girl takes the bet confident she will win however she loses

    The other idea is about 3 girls driving to Florida to meet their boyfriends on vacation unfortunately the car brakes down in Georgia but luckily an older black man tells the girls that he will fix the car but it will take a few days and they can stay at his place where his 3 grandsons are also staying

    And lastly it is more of a idea for the kardshian comic you guys have after you finish part 2s story arc and if you do a part 3 I was thinking the story could be Kim taking a young girl under her wings the more time the girl spends with Kim the more she tries to look like Kim and behave like Kim

    The only request I have that if you do use one or more of my ideas that one of the girls be Asian

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