5 thoughts on “Updates”

  1. Damn, Latoya sure is a kinky girl. Nice touch with the ‘fridge’ scene, hot and funny at the same time.

  2. I hope this Latoya scene is not too short. Please prolong the pleasure. She must earn her place. The doggystyle scene was a little bit too short for me. Our Mayor is very busy, Latoya at home & Mrs Jackson at work! Did you think of a jealousy story between the two? Great work. Thanks a lot

  3. It could be a helluva twist if Latoya was actually Mrs Jackson’s daughter or niece 😀 She stumbles upon the Mayor’s phone while riding him and hears the ‘beep’ from the incoming message. Latoya picks the phone and reads the Councilwoman’s sex talk and sees the naughty pictures and freaks out. She says ‘Mom?’ or ‘Auntie?’ with the mix of shock and pleasure from cumming while the Mayor empties his balls deep inside her pussy.

  4. Good idea ! A lot of work to do for this episode. The mayor still have to take care of his secretary, Mrs Bradley and Mrs Jackson.

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