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  1. hey BNWC Admin, let me be the first to comment in this post about how great the session between kim and russell is, she even calls him ” KING ” jajajajajajjaja, that was a good one for a racist bitch, and after that the thumb up her ass is an amazing prelude for the anal session, because i think russell gonna pop her cherry right ?, this session reminds me when the kardassian mom got a thumb up her ass too and when she did realize that her little girl was getting her ass destroyed she asked for cock in her ass too, im writing this because stephanie,dana and bethany are peeping toms and surely ” I HOPE ” they want an anal ramming like that, you know what i mean right?, although you told me that is not sure the orgy in art class 2, i hope that maybe in this part all of them, i mean the milfs, drain russell like vanessa and lexi did with big d in poker game, i mean the milfs drainning the last drop of russell, anyways is up to you guys and like allways say, thanks a lot for the updates, take care and peace.

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