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The long awaited Slutty Moms comic is here!

This first edition featuring Pamela Porci of Reunion Revenge Goes Awry.

D 000

Teacher Katy Smith just had her fill of student Eugene’s monster cock. However after hearing how big his dad’s package is she can’t wait until parent teacher conference so she can introduce herself to Mr. Jones horse meat! Later three troublesome male students find themselves in an unusual predicament in which only Mrs. Smith can help them and Eugene finds a new admirer!

Our favorite family is back on the hunt for the biggest and badest BBC around! After a wild night the girls are out and about looking for new BBC to get into. Kris, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are stirring up the pot until little sisters Kendall and Kylie show them how to really spice things up!

Mayor White is back in our 3rd installment and up to his usual tricks! After having a press conference informing the citizens that he will be closing several schools in an all minority area for budget purposes his administration begins damage control to lessen the political blow back. Not only is the school union president Mrs. Bradley looking for answers but also the head pastor Charles “Chuck” Jenkins of the black congregation must get reassurance from the mayor this is the right decision. It’s all hands on deck to make sure the mayor’s approval rating stays positive.