Three professional women have an appetite for young black men.  These intelligent, cunning, and dangerous beauties prey on a black man's lust for white women in that it will become his ultimate downfall.  Follow Patricia, Kacy, and Violet as they seduce, incapacitate, and hold captive their victims as an invitation for sex takes a drastically wrong turn as every man's sexual fantasy suddenly turns into his worst nightmare!

A regular poker game with the fellas goes for broke when Herbie must run to the store during the middle of the game. Luckily sexy housewife Lexi decides to fill in for her husband as the game begins to take an interesting twist. Sexual stakes are raised to the hilt as the game becomes more than just about money. Find out who the big winner is as everybody goes all in!

Sibling rivalry is one thing but having to compete with your own mother is ludacris! Mrs. White wanted to become more involved in her teenage children's lives but instead began to fulfill her own fantasies. From helping her daughter's boyfriend with a BIG problem to a tutoring session with her son's best friend going awry. Mrs. White finds herself getting caught up by her children in the most precarious situations.

Mayor Willie Stroker is in need of a new personal assistant, but he is not just looking for any assistant. The mayor is looking for one who can handle all of his request. Even if it requires clothing being removed!  Thank goodness his chief of staff recommended the perfect woman!   Mayor Willie Stroker has been in politics a long time and is no stranger when it comes to making a backroom deal.

And 1….and 2….and 3. Life is all about fitness. Well at least to these crazy characters who work at Xtreme Fitness. The only thing more important than a great body is a better sex life!  So when one of the staff members is turned down by his coworker it sets off a chain reaction of the best and worst bodies in the business doing whatever they can to get whatever they want!

After discovering her dead father young Seneca Custer is determined to bring his killer to justice. The infamous outlaw Calamity Juggs and her all girl gang. After learning that the Jugg gang has sexually killed every man that crossed their path Seneca Custer knows she needs a special man to capture her father’s killer. Sheriff Rooster Cockburn. A man who has been tested, a man who knows no boundaries, a man with TRUE DICK! Follow their journey as they hunt the notorious outlaw Calamity Juggs.

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