Fugitive woman bounty hunter Wolf is hard on the prowl. He’s determined to catch every criminal that crosses his path. However things don’t go according to plan on his latest hunt and Wolf is confronted with a hard decision. Stay true the oath he took to capture fugitives, or finally get a taste of the brown sugar he’s longed craved. Wolf finds himself in a tight predicament when his latest fugitive makes him an offer he can’t refuse. What will Wolf do?

Hot sexy housewife! Not quite. Mrs. Jacobs is just an ordinary house-wife with a husband and kids. Mrs. Jacob’s main goal in life to keep her family healthy and happy. However when adversity threatens her family’s well being Mrs. Jacobs is not afraid to do whatever it takes to fix the problem!

Adrianna is a sexy milf who has an insatiable appetite for black men. One afternoon she invites her rich girlfriends over for a few cocktails and a few cock tales! To make sure everything is perfect Adrianna has a sample of the goods before the girls arrive. To say the least Adrianna is put to the test. Once the rest of the girls arrive they make it a party to remember!

The Mcfadden’s are having their house remodeled. However when Mr. Mcfadden leaves town on a business trip the construction crew begins to work on a new project, Mr. Mcfadden’s wife Kate and daughter Debbie. Debbie gets her plumbing fixed by a crew member’s 10 inch pipe in the bathroom. Meanwhile sex therapist  Kate finally explores her secret craving for big black cock.  She finally discovers is the myth true. The only thing getting fixed here are two hot blonds!

Sexy red head Raquel has a dilemma. Her basement is a mess and she needs help to clean it out. So she calls her next door neighbors’ sons over to help. After a long day of lifting heavy boxes and cleaning Raquel’s basement, the boys are wore out and ready to get paid. Unfortunately when Raquel only comes up with $10 dollars to pay the boys,  they expose her secret, which is more satisfying than any amount of money she could give them!

A clogged tub! Oh no. A miscommunication on the repair appointment, even better!  Prairie Shores resident Amanda forgets she gave permission for the maintenance staff to enter her apartment to fix the tub. So when Leon walks in on her pleasuring herself with a black dildo, he replaces it with the real thing. High Rise Hanky Panky goes inside Prairie Shores luxury apartment rentals where the maintenance staff are servicing the female residents each and every way possible!

It’s Nurse Betty’s first night on the job at Beaverton General Hospital.  While tending to her patient Betty gets the biggest surprise of her short medical career. Meanwhile down the hall nurse Brittany is tending to an intensive care patient who took too much Viagra! Add in sweet chocolate Nurse Tamika’s attitude and orderly John’s lust for his sexy female coworkers and you could have a heart attack! The hot action on the night shift at Beaverton General is enough to make anyone’s temperature rise!

When the regular delivery guy calls in sick Chew reluctantly has to fill in. Eventually Chew realizes why it took the regular delivery guy so long to make simple deliveries. On his first delivery a female customer is upset her regular delivery guy isn’t working but decides to make the best out of a bad situation. She teaches a new game and it isn’t Chinese Checkers! Follow Chew as he makes some fast food deliveries in the hood and then some! 

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