Black and his homies are bored. On top of that his house is filthy.  That’s when they discover a topless cleaning service. Maid Heidi arrives and the fun just begins as she cleans the house and later gets dirty with Black and his boys!

After another unsatisfying sex session with her husband parole officer Jessica is finally fed up. Visibly distracted at work Jessica can only think of how she can satisfy her need for sex when she stumbles across the most unlikeliest solution, convict dick! Jessica reluctantly explores this path only to find that she gets more than she bargained for in her sexual exploits with her parolees. Follow Jessica as she gets violated in her own 3 strike program!

Hired by a suspicious wife who thinks her husband having an affair veteran Detective Sherry Holmes discovers her target is guilty of the dastardly deed. During the investigation one thing happens that Detective Holmes didn’t plan for.

Falling in lust with the man she was hired to investigative. A dilemma ensues as Sherry is torn between loyalty to her client or secretly satisfying her craving for BBC.

Order in the court! Justice is not what it seems in the chaotic people’s court. An assorted cluster of power hungry judges, corrupt attorneys, desperate plaintiffs and hopeless defendants all willing to do whatever it takes to win their case.

Follow the daily antics of courthouse Branch 69 as the legal system is put to the test through sex scandals, bribes and fraud to eventually find fairness.

Cherie decided to get her husband Steve a massage to help with his back pain. What turned out to be a routine massage ended up being more than what they bargained for. Steve got his back pain fixed plus a whole lot more!!!

When Jabari meets a busty blonde cougar online he has an idea to let his friend Brad secretly film their sex session. Brad hides in the closet and captures all the hot steamy action but can’t quite see the woman’s face. Finally the blonde is revealed to be someone that Brad knows all too well!  Guess who?

After a night out on the town, newlyweds Amy and Jacob come to put a climax on their evening. What they didn’t expect was an unexpected house guest waiting in the shadows. Watch how it all unfolds as Amy has her sexual fantasies fulfilled to the hilt by a complete stranger.

Meet Lester and Barry. Two old guys who have taken an oath to serve and protect the students and staff at State University. Their nose for mischief however has gotten them  up close and personal with some female coeds. Stay tuned as the introduce Debra and Becky to their long arm of the law!

The hunt for illegal immigrants is on! Except when females get caught by immigration agents Ross and Cutter not only do they get deported, but a big serving of big black dick. Go on the hunt with two of the most ruthless immigration patrol agents as they rock international relations and give beautiful women from around the world what they’ve been missing.

Welcome to America’s favorite reality show Wife Swap! You asked for it and we’ve delivered our newest episode that showcases a little twist in that we’re going to feature are first interracial wife swap! Tune in so you can see street savvy Mrs. Jones with her new Beverly Hills family living it up on easy street.

Meanwhile on the other side of town Mrs. Wallaby is getting her groove on with her new family in the hood.

Champagne, caviar, shopping sprees, charter jets! Welcome to the world of the KarASSians. A family full of Persians beauties that have climbed atop of Hollywood’s rich and famous. A lifestyle where everything is perfect, or is it? Sisters Kim and Khloe, bored with the sex lives, decide to have a contest to find the biggest, longest lasting BBC ever. What starts out as a small competition turns into a national BBC manhunt! Follow sisters Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, and mother Kris as they comb the globe for the one man that can keep it up and up and up!

Are you ready for some football! Introducing The Blitz. One of the teams in the Lingerie Football League. Follow these athletic beauties and they run, jump, hit and get fucked in their hopes of winning the championship. The gridiron has never looked sexier!

Mrs. White is at it again. First she slept with her daughter’s big dick black boyfriend. Now she’s met a new chocolate friend at the grocery store. What starts out as a simple grocery delivery turns into Mrs. White making her own delivery!

Dexter’s mini camera has arrived. Now he needs a place to put it so he can test it out. He finally decides to put the camera in his parent’s bedroom to see what they are up to. The shocking truth is revealed when he reviews the tape! Tune and watch this episode unfold and see if you are as shocked as Dexter is!


The girls of Delta Sigma are the elite sorority of State University. However when they are forced to do a service project with the notorious troublesome all black fraternity of Omega Pi Omega, let’s just say the only form of higher education getting studied is human anatomy!

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